Zachary Cutlip

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Offensive Security Researcher

I like memory corruption, debuggers, and hex editors. I love a good, artisanal gadget chain. I like making tools that make all of those things easier. I love sharing what I’ve learned with others either in person, in writing, or doing technical presentations.


Azimuth Security, LLC (now L3Harris Trenchant)

Offensive Security Researcher, May 2018 - Present

  • Conducted vulnerability research against iOS and macOS kernel and userspace
  • Extensively reverse engineered critical operating system components
  • Developed tooling to aid vulnerability research and attack surface enumeration
    • E.g., completely reverse engineered iOS binary sandbox format & developed a sandbox profile decompiler

Apple, Inc.

Offensive Security Researcher, May 2014 - April 2018

  • Analyzed numerous Apple technologies to catch vulnerabilities before shipping
  • Audited kernel, security critical firmware, and userspace components
  • Developed tooling and instrumentation to automate vulnerability discovery
  • Committed code to shipping XNU to aid vulnerability research

Tactical Network Solutions, LLC

Senior Vulnerability Researcher, October 2011 - March 2014

  • Conducted vulnerability research against embedded targets
  • Developed surreptitious, post-exploitation capabilities
  • R&D of exploitation techniques against new classes of targets
  • Shared research via conference talks, whitepapers and technical blog posts

Raytheon Applied Signal Technology (formerly Seismic, LLC)

Tresys Technology, LLC

National Security Agency/USAF

Conference Presentations

  • Infiltrate 2014
  • 44CON 2013
  • Black Hat USA 2012
  • DEF CON 20

Projects & Publications:

  • Practical Exploitation of Pegasus Kernel Vulnerabilities1
  • Broken, Abandoned, and Forgotten Code: Parts 1-142
  • Source Debugging the XNU Kernel3
  • Reverse Engineering and Exploiting the BT HomeHub 3.0b 4
  • From SQL Injection to MIPS Overflows: Rooting SOHO Routers 5
  • Bowcaster Exploit Development Framework 6


  • Johns Hopkins University: MS in Computer Science
  • Texas A&M University: BBA in Information Operations Management

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