Crossbow is now Bowcaster

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Crossbow has been renamed to Bowcaster. It turns out “Crossbow” is a popular word.  Who knew?  A company in California has the word registered as a trademark in the US in connection with computer software.  They might be cool with us using the word, since this is an open-source, noncommercial product, but we’ve decided to change the name just in case.  Hopefully the new name is esoteric enough to avoid any naming conflicts, while still being cool and fun to say.  I left the original post as-is, save for an update note and a new Github link.  The old Github project will stay up for a while, but you should use the new one from this point on.

Here’s the new Github project:

I plan to update the existing tutorials accordingly, and hopefully get some new ones up in the next few days.

Thanks for your patience, and apologies the inconvenience.